AUDE is the Association of University Directors of Estates, a higher education membership association. AUDE represents 155 Universities and higher education colleges in the United Kingdom via the Director of Estates, or equivalent, at each institution.

AUDE members have a significant portfolio of properties, a substantial annual capital spend and ongoing operational responsibilities. The Leadership Foundation provides training, consultancy, research and services to higher education institutions nationally and abroad.

Together AUDE and Leadership Foundation have been working with Tom Taylor to provide Project Management training and events.

For four years Tom provided a one day course on Project Management, run at up to seven University venues per annum, throughout the UK. Each year Tom would assemble a number of topical and stimulating modules for the courses which  would be attended by 20 to 30 or more delegates from a cross section of universities.

In 2008 we undertook some research on the training needs and interests of our members and found that Project Management was the No.l topic. In collaboration with Tom we devised a three tier series of courses for beginners, experienced  and senior people, which we are rolling out over 2008 and 2009. The courses are proving to be as popular as the previous series.

Tom is consistently proactive in helping to make staff development events fit for purpose and successful. His positive approach and enthusiasm make him a popular presenter and facilitator. We collect feedback from our delegates and Tom is consistently in the “very good” area overall. Invariably delegates give him high scores for effective leadership, addressing interests, helpful materials, good ideas and for designing and delivering courses with the right balance of participation.

Tom has also spoken at our annual conferences on “Frameworks for Consultants and Contractors” and on “Project Prioritisation in Estate Portfolios”.

Suzanne Irwin

Association of University Directors of Estates
Executive Officer

Sheraton House
Castle Park