Characteristics of Effective Project Managers

52pp Illustrated
ISBN-13: 978-0-9554132-0-9

Project Management is a new concept for many and project managers are a new breed of people. Where do they come from? How do you recognise them? What do they do? These are all good questions.

This booklet is a lighthearted review of eighteen of the many characteristics which contribute to the effectiveness (or lack of) for project managers in the front line. On a more serious note it also provides the opportunity to assess in real terms these and other characteristics against the often unique needs and circumstances of a particular project or post or position.

Having established the needs or “the Demand” it is then possible with the aid of this book to make a fair comparison with what is on offer or “the Supply”. This exercise may be done by:

  • clients/customers looking to appoint project managers
  • employers looking to employ active or potential project managers,
  • employees with employers, as a form of opportunity assessment and capability review,
  • individuals who wish to analyse their relative strengths and weaknesses – to decide what to do with them and about them.