Good Business Advisors – a guide for organisations of all sizes

48pp Illustrated
ISBN-13: 978-0-9574834-2-2

Currently, the roles of advisors to organisations are under scrutiny.

Recessions, austerity and difficulties always bring out a critical review of the roles of advisors.

Do the advisors accurately predict the downturn and how to tackle the issues arising?

Do the advisors offer truly useful and independent advice or can some aspects be self-serving?

Do large companies use their advisors wisely?

Good advisors could be really useful – for organisations of all sizes – mega, large, medium, small and micro.

This volume takes the side of all of these organisations of all sizes in helping them recognise what they may need or they may already have (or not need at all!) – to get good advisors, good advice and good value in setting up and running their organisations – in the good times and the not so good.