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How to select the right Project Manager

124pp Illustrated
ISBN-13: 978-0-9554132-3-0

How to Select The Right Project Manager is a practical publication which guides the reader through the options, processes, ancillary byways and tangential issues of PM selection.

The author’s experience as a judge, organiser, observer and contestant emerges on every page.

Target readers will include:

  • client customers and their advisors seeking to appoint project managers,
  • prospective employers of project managers as staff,
  • project managers themselves as individuals and organisations.

Within the texts and Appendices there are comprehensive checklists, worked examples and references.

The historical black and white photographs with captions provide valid pointers.

In a forest of management publications this accessible volume is unique in its title, depth and usefulness.

There is also a related range of dashdot talks and presentations covering selection options, processes, criteria, appointments and duties related to project managers.