Ongoing personal activities during 2019 include:

  • Preparing for 2020 decade which will probably be like nothing ever before! The 2010s will appear to have been quite quiet in comparison. Locally, nationally, regionally, globally.
  • Ongoing retained advisor roles with Buro Four, Morrow and Lorraine and Fielden Fowles.
  • Continuing consultancy and advisory Services on business, practice, training and/or studio themes for new and growing Architectural and design practices such as KTB Architecture, Robert Hirschfield Architecture, SEED, Ashfold, YARD, Integration, Howarth Tompkins, Fletcher Priest, FCB, Hawkins Brown.
  • Continuing training courses principally for job runners (as Part 4.1 and 4.2) directly with some of the above and also via Colander.
  • Continuing occasional speaking and lecturing engagements such as: guest lecturer at City of Birmingham Part 3 course; guest speaker at REPM, Bilbao; host at AIEPRO PM seminar in Malaga; supported of Responsible Project Management initiative with Bournemouth University; sponsor of Young Crew activities.
  • Ongoing APM involvement as active vice President across a number of fronts.
  • Research and development of ‘PM by Location’ internet portals using London as a prototype.
  • …and thinking and preparing for the world in 2020 and beyond!