News on Activities in 2020 and beyond.

Well the 2020 decade has arrived!
This is going to be like nothing ever before!
Locally, nationally, regionally and globally!

Personally I can see:

  • Greater involvements for me in Climate Change and all things sustainable, building on experience and activities of the last twenty years or so, coming to fruition, with panel memberships, talks, working parties, advice, etc..
  • Corresponding efforts to cut back even further with personal and corporate carbon impacts.
  • A change of remits and relationships with Association for Project Management (APM) commensurate with end of interesting, extended vice-President role and involvements in January 2020 – we will see thereafter.
  • Ongoing retained advisor role, connections and contributions with eminent Buro Four, talented Morrow+Lorraine and ubiquitous Feilden Fowles.
  • Continuing and widening consultancy, advisory and mentoring services on business, practice, training, project and studio themes to diverse organisations.
  • Established and new training courses and guest University lecturing still being requested and provided.
  • “PM by location and community” including continuing and expanding.
  • Dashdot Publications continuing to tick over.