An Introduction to and a Study Guide for Collaboration for Contractor Contributions to Design Team Activities

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128pp Illustrated


Within this volume there are eighteen separate modules for stimulating and selective self-study including case studies, examples and exercises with model answers.

These modules may be of interest to ‘contractors’ who wish to get closer to the design processes and make meaningful contributions.

The modules may also be of interest to ‘designers’ who wish contractors could be closer and make meaningful contributions to design.

There will also be third parties – such as clients and project managers – who would like to realise the potential benefits of such collaborations.

By studying, exploring and reflecting upon the contents within each module ‘students’ will:

  • have an appreciation of areas for collaboration for contractors and designers;
  • recognise opportunities for collaboration in practice and the contributions which can be made;
  • be familiar with tricks, tips, tools and techniques appropriate to positive collaboration;
  • be pragmatic in recognising, dealing with and/or accepting the obstacles to collaboration;
  • obtain an outlook for the longer term to recognise collaborative circumstances for the benefit of their organisations, project teams, customers, clients and stakeholders, plus themselves.